WoW 11th Anniversary Items! Inflatable ThunderFury!

You also get 3 awesome costimes! Murloc, Hogger, and Edwin VanCleef! As well as a token for 11% EXP boost and Rep Boost for continuous use until November 30th

THS Streamer Spotlight: Ms Vixen

My name is Lanai Gara also known as Ms Vixen. I specialize in the Call of Duty Series and for #1 World Rank in Call of Duty World at War in Free For All in 08-09 and also for pretty much raging at every game that I play in.

Get your games cheaper!

We have learnt to draw experience from all the variety of sources, from business and beyond. As video-game enthusiasts we know how to cooperate, enjoy and succeed in a competitive environment. And, most importantly, we know how to share success.

Tornado Energy

Don't Just Win, Do Damage!
TORNADO Energy gives you the radical power to see what more you are capable of.