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Titanfall PC

HardPoint Domination HYPE IS REAL

Got my hands on PC Beta for Titanfall! This is definitely a different change from the normal COD and BF4. It isn’t exactly Hawken either. It has its own flavor and it is fun as fuck to play. Sorry for graphics its stream quality while moving fast :/

Everquest Next Landmark

Everquest Next Landmark – Noob at Work

First time playing Everquest Next Landmark and as you can imagine I was lost the entire time! BUT this is a highly addicting game!

Elder Scrolls Online

Fungal Grotto

LvL twelve Dungeon Fungal Grotto, Dragonknight Nord Towelliee!

Here is my first go at ESO dungeons during this Beta Weekend! Really easy dungeons made a few mistakes still getting use to this style of PVE. MUST BLOCK MORE